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The sport study dance component is an educational program specially designed for students passionate about dance who wish to pursue rigorous training in this discipline while continuing their academic studies. This program combines 15 hours of intensive dance practice.
1. Objectives: The main objective of the sport study dance component is to enable talented and motivated students to develop their dance skills while receiving a balanced education. Students are selected on the basis of their talent, potential and commitment to dance.

2. Schedules: Students enrolled in the sport study dance component spend a large part of their day at the dance studio. Students are present at the dance studio from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. This allows them to dedicate several hours a day to dance practice, which is essential to progress quickly and achieve a high level of skill.

3. Dance program: During the practice hours at the dance studio, students follow an intensive program that includes different dance styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, hip hop, etc. They work on their technique, their artistic expression, their choreography, the cr
dance creation and their performance on stage.

4. Balance between dance and studies: The balance between dance and studies is essential in this type of program. Students must ensure that they manage their time effectively to succeed both academically and in dance. It can be demanding and requires significant discipline and organization. A work space will be available in the studio to allow students to do their homework after class hours.

5. Competitions and performances: Students in the sport study dance component will take part in dance competitions or public performances. These events provide an opportunity for students to practice their skills and compete with other talented dancers.

The sport study dance component is an opportunity for students who are passionate about dance to pursue their passion while pursuing their secondary studies. This allows them to develop their talent, technique and love for dance while receiving a proper academic education.

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