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Marie-Eve Charbonneau

Founder | professor

At the age of 6, Marie-Ève began dancing where she learned different styles of dance. At the age of 14, she discovered Hip Hop, which would radically change her life. The freedom of expression of this style gives her the desire for creation, so she begins teaching at the same time. At the age of 17, passionate about movement and creation, she began to found her own school. In 2007, Studio Evedanz was born.While being the owner of Studio Evedanz, Marie-Ève is also the choreographer of several troupes who have also participated in several competitions across Canada and the United States. Four of these troupes were invited to the '' Dance World Cup '' and three of them won the 2nd position, thus obtaining a scholarship as well.Her ultimate goal is put the emphasis on the evolution of the dancers and the development in the medium of the dance.

Aminata Baldé

Hip hop teacher

Zach Dopson

Hip hop teacher

Marjolaine Barbeau

Technical teacher | contemporary

Jason Lord

Professor popping | break dance

Jason Lord made his dance debut in 2005, after trying out several styles, he saw his passion for popping grow and in 2009 DeaD AnglE CreW was born. Although he specializes in popping he has always had a passion for Breaking, Locking, as well as HipHop. In 2011 he began teaching dance classes and workshops across Quebec and Canada. He also won several battles across Quebec: Battle Dance on it (Popping), 3 times winner of the Café d'en Face battle (AllStyles),
Le Carnaval (AllStyles), Fête à Spike AllStyles.Jason aka Lord has made a place for himself in the Montreal dance scene.From the street to the stage Lord and the Dead Angle Crew are involved in many Montreal festivals: Francofolies, Jazz Festival, Montréal en Lumière, Ancient Future, ÉcoFête ect. They also won first place in the Allstars showcase of Hit the Floor Levis in 2013 the biggest choreographic competition in Canada and they were finalist in Gatineau in 2014 and 2019 and Lévis 2019. You could see him on television with Dead Angle Crew in shows like Danser pour Gagner, Revolution and the Rousseau, as well he performed in the Bad Live Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Joelle Cyrenne

Accro-dance teacher

Bianca Fargnoli

Professeur Hip hop

Mariloup Campeau

Professeur ballet | hip hop

Marilie Gravel

Professeur Hip hop | réceptionniste

My name is Marilie Gravel and I am 17 years old. I started taking dance lessons when I was only two years old. At the beginning of my two years of dance, I danced ballet, tap and even jazz to then continue my path in hip-hop and reggae. However my favorite dance style was hip-hop so I have been practicing this dance style for 14 years. I began my competitive dancing, seven years ago at this studio. All this to conclude that dancing is my passion.

Megan Dionne


Kim Gravel

Professeur Hip hop

Claudie Boucher


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